John D. Martin III
March 20, 2017

If you are wondering why the little onion icon doesn't link you anywhere, look no further.

The reason is that this link is not like other links: http://evpoyeb3anapeyrt.onion

.onion is not actually a Top-Level Domain (TLD) in the normal Dynamic Name Service (DNS). It only works if you are using Tor to access the Internet. Tor allows for the configuration of hidden services that get advertised only on the Tor network. These services allow for the dissemination of information or connections services like ssh or ftp over an encrypted, untraceable route.

In order to use that or any link ending in .onion, you need to download the Tor Browser Bundle and run it. You can also install Tor and configure a proxy on your system, but it is more difficult.

You can also run Tor on a smartphone. Android has a client called Orbot.

I'll make another post about how I set up the .onion version of this site

Onion - March 20, 2017 - John D. Martin III